15.02.2024 Third official video release song RAT IN A HOLE


15.01.2024 Second official video release song THE GOLD CROWN


01.11.2023 First official video release song HERO


04.08.2023 And again bass 

when you think you finished and your guitar player answers „really“? so back again rerecording some songs!


30.07.2023 Dodo recording his guest solo

recording the colaboration solo for our upcoming cave album song called „against the fray“. check it out!


22.07.2023 finally sent all basses to the studio

finally sent all basses to the studio for mixing. mixing starts at september. first shots are great!


02.06.2023 Recording the acoustics

Recording the acoustics… using bathroom slippers for better resonance 😂


21.04.2023 Cello / strings ready for 3 songs

Cave in the last round recording the strings for 3 songs. all sounds need to be real for the best result!


23.03.2023 3 songs ready. tomorrow more 🤘

3 songs ready. tomorrow more 🤘


22.03.2023 new strings ready

new strings ready: lets start to record the bass on this incredible CAVE debut album 🤘🤘🤘🤘


12.03.2023 busy engineering at CAVE

Does not look very busy but the result will be amazing 😎
Marc, Axel and Chris preparing the mix.


02.03.2023 News release Ronny with Cave

thanks for this news in the new RockIt magazine 😉


20.02.2023 Next family member Bernd Heining

Today it's time to release another helping hand in the CAVE Family. Please welcome to Bernd Heining, who helped us and Steffen regarding the drums. He is an old friend and bandmate of Roberto (Goblins Blade, Khatapult), and always available if help is needed. Thanks a lot for this!


18.02.2023 Chris gear for the recordings

Continuing to record the CAVE album….one for sparkling cleans and one for in-your-face-riffs …..gues which ones which 😂


03.02.2023 Ronny meeting Klaus at 70000t of metal cruise

To protect the environment we could convince our friend Klaus Sperling to bring over our new shirts to Ronny using the journey of both playing on 70000 tons of metal (klaus with freedom call, ronny with VR). thanks dude!!!


08.01.2023 Cave members visiting KrashKarma

Yesterday "CAVE family members" visited good friends from LA in Balingen: the legendary KRASHKARMA. Steffen Theurer and Roberto enjoyed the really unique show. Surpises will follow in 2023!!


10.12.2022 Another Quick Shoot

Another quick shot of the video shoot HERO. 120% power is what the song requires and Ronny nailed it. You will enjoy it!


10.12.2022 Rough Mix from first video HERO

Today we got the first rough mix of our second video shoot (Hero). Video will be great and we can't wait to release it to you!


09.12.2022 Videoproduction done in Schwarzer Keiler Stuttgart

On Monday we startet our video production for the Song RAT IN A HOLE and HERO.

Thanks again to the Schwarzer Keiler team for their support. Special thanks to Micha Vetter for the great work and cool athmosphere.

And sorry to the neighbors that thought, what the f... is going on there (as our drummer Chris is deaf we needed to turn up the volume a bit ;-)


08.12.2022 Ronny landed in Stuttgart

For those who wonder about the carnation, as so many years past since our last meeting, to recognize me i offered having a rose in my mouth at the airport.
He responded to better have carnations and a bloody Mary. So i had to change my plan :-)